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Chinese Gold Coins

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Chinese Gold Coins

The Chinese Gold Panda has been issued since 1982 and has a 99.99% gold content. Panda coins denominated in troy ounces were discontinued by the Chinese mint at the end of 2015 because China adopted the metric system.

The various denominations:

  • 30g or 1oz: 500 yuan
  • 15g or ½ oz: 200 yuan
  • 8g or ¼ oz: 100 yuan
  • 3g or 1/10 oz: 50 yuan
  • 1g or 1/20 oz: 20 yuan

Known around the world for investors and collectors, the coins are especially unique in that each year a new panda design is published. This typically leads to higher premiums compared to the gold bullion coins from other mints worldwide.

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