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Canadian Gold Coins

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Canadian Gold Coins

Produced by Royal Canadian Mint, Canadian Gold Coins come in the form of the beautiful Maple Leafs made with 1oz /31.1035 of 999.9 fineness 24 carat gold no alloys are involved in the manufacture. This feature is an advantage in the trading market. It was the first bullion coin to be minted at 999.9 purity. First minted in 1979 by the Canadian Royal Mint. This year our Royal Mint followed suit when it also released the 2013 Britannia coin in 999.9 Fine Gold. It features a design by Arnold Machin depicting her Majesty the Queen through the ages with each successive minting. The reverse of the coin shows a Maple leaf which is the Canadian national emblem and incorporates the unique security feature. Other denominations of Canadian bullion coins come in 1/20oz, 1/10oz, 1/4oz and 1/2 oz.

These coins starting being minted in 1979 by the famous Canadian Royal Mint, the Maple Leaf gold coin instantly became a success, being in high demand for investors and collectors. This coin is the official bullion gold coin of the Canadian government. Even though it is a legal tender in Canada, this coin and its other denominations are not considered circulating coins because they are sought after for gold investment and by numismatists.

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