Imagine making a discovery that is unlike anything this country has seen before in hundreds of years…


The Largest Gold Nugget found in a British river for 500-years

That’s exactly what happened to a man in Scotland (who wants to remain anonymous) after finding a very rare 85.7g nugget of gold in a mystery Scotish river.

Named the ‘Douglas Nugget’, it is the biggest nugget to have been discovered in British waters for 500 years. It was discovered two years ago by a British father but he has kept it a secret until now, and is believed to share a similar diameter to that of a 1.6 inch golf ball. The method used to make the discovery was called ‘sniping’ – where a dry suit and snorkel is worn before lying face down in a river.

The dad, who has been hunting for gold as a hobby for 20 years, said: “I was following a crack in the bedrock and found around 2g in fine gold. This then led to a pocket, where I uncovered the nugget.” Gold expert Leon Kirk, said: “This is a very exciting and unprecedented find.”


Leon Kirk holding the Douglas Nugget which is thought to be worth £50,000 (Image: Paul Jacobs/

(Leon Kirk [Gold Expert] holding the Douglas Nugget
(Image: Paul Jacobs/ 


We know that these rare finds can fetch far more than that though. Remember last November when 2oz of rare Welsh gold was found in Wales? That fetched a WHOPPING £44,000 because of it’s rarity. We can only imagine what this wonderful Scottish specimen will sell for.

A big congratulations to the finder!  



Source: Daily Record

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