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The occasional friends and family members can be particularly tricky to choose a gift for. The long-distance cousin, or an uncle you only see once a year. It's hard to think about something personalised to them and their interests. However, there is a solution that allows you to gift unique, quirky and of-value gifts, which they will appreciate and admire, regardless of their hobbies or aspirations. Here are our top three suggestions for gifting bullion this Christmas.
It is traditional to give something made from Silver for a Christening. This evolved from Victorian times but not many people seem to know why. Learn more and get inspired with our Baby Naming Ceremony Gift Guide.
Have you ever thought of rewarding your employees with Gold and Silver products? A bonus can be given in Gold and Silver coins and bars, defined in the HMRC Manual on Bonuses of a “readily convertible asset”. Learn more and get inspired with our Corporate Gift Guide.
Time to honour those Dads and Father figures on June 18th. What better way than surprising him with a piece of real pure bullion Silver at very affordable prices!
Buy Gold as a wedding gift and bring both financial planning and sparkle to the proceedings for your friends and loved ones! Here are our top choices for gold bullion wedding presents.
At Bleyer, we love Valentine’s day, and although many view it as another corporate holiday used to generate money for big business, we see it as an excellent time to give your loved one something of intrinsic value and truly unique.
A look at some of our most popular bullion coin and bar products from 2015.
This week, we'd like to explore a far more beneficial and uniquely stunning way of giving a loved one a beautiful, high-quality present at exceptional prices, and that is in Gold and Silver bars and coins.