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“You hear that Mr Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.” It’s the perfect quote for this week's article. Here are the top reasons why our current financial system is bound to fail.
The metal in question this week is Rhodium, the rarest of the PGMs. Here are some very interesting facts about this precious metal.
As private investors and people who like to make their money go further, we may have come to a decision that we would like to own some Gold and Silver. Learn more about the different ways of owning these metals – most notably in an EFT (exchange-traded fund) or Physical Metal (coins and bars).
Gold and silver is as much of a commodity as corn. If these are tangible substances, unlike stocks and shares, why does the price fluctuate quite so much as they do? In answering this question we need to further understand the forces affecting the possible price changes in precious metals. Learn more in this week's article.
How can you invest in Gold and Silver for your loved ones? We are able to make investments in under 10 minutes – sometimes very profitable, good and convenient ones. Learn how in this week's article.
The importance of understanding assets and liabilities comes apparent when it is understood that most people suffer financially because they simply don’t have any assets, have too many liabilities and confusing the two. But what do they really mean? And more importantly – are you able to identify which is which in your own lives?
Within the financial articles which appear day after day there are often terms we hear so often we don’t quite understand what they mean. This week, we're going to briefly explore what is meant by Dollar Strength – together with its inverse Dollar Weakness, and most importantly for Bleyer’s clients, how this relates to the price of Gold.
Bleyer has regularly focussed on writing about the characteristics and advantages of investing in Silver over the years. But it is particularly timely now. Here are some interesting reasons why.
The word Platinum is synonymous with high value, timeless quality and trusted investment. This week we’re going to explore 5 facts about investing in Platinum.
Let’s take a look at how Investing in Physical Gold and Silver can be for everyone, regardless of your budget.