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Within this month’s round-up we’re going to look at 3 key events that had an impact on Precious Metal prices in October.
Bleyer has regularly focussed on writing about the characteristics and advantages of investing in Silver over the years. But it is particularly timely now. Here are some interesting reasons why.
The word Platinum is synonymous with high value, timeless quality and trusted investment. This week we’re going to explore 5 facts about investing in Platinum.
There are so many flags being raised in political and economic arenas that we'll discuss in five points in this month’s roundup. Here are some other events that had an impact on Precious Metal prices in September.
As investors ourselves we know that our customers need absolute peace of mind and protection regarding their Precious Metals. Storage is a significant part of that and can be in a variety of forms: at home, in the office, or a professional vault. It is important that during our business dealings with you, we as a team do not to assume all of our clients know all the pitfalls of storing Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium coins and bars.
Potential buyers must note that palladium remains a specialist metal. It correlates strongly to industrial demand, but those familiar with the highs and lows of gold as an insurance hedge would need a different mindset when it comes to trading palladium, a precious metal that's not in public eye as much as the yellow metal. Here’s a little more information to whet your appetite regarding Palladium.
August has seen the price of Gold rise by a massive 6.6% or £64.10 per ounce, while the price increase in Silver outpaced Gold at a whopping 10.73%. Here are some other events that had an impact on Precious Metal prices in August.
So, this blog is not about avoiding Tax but using the normal legal paths that exist in Gold and Silver investing to pay only when we need to, not unnecessarily, when we don’t. This information may help inform Bleyer’s customers on one product choice over another.
Because Gold has risen in price by 24.62% in the last 3 years, it is illogical to assume that investing in Gold hasn’t been successful for many young people. This week, we take a look at some success stories of young people investing in precious metals.
This monthly update focuses on a subject which is critical and yet impossible to time as an exact science – the coming property market price correction. Here are some factors that had an impact on Precious Metal prices in July.