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When sending valuable items in the post you should ensure your parcel is discreet, secure, insured and sent with the correct courier. Read our top tips on sending valuables in the post.
Gold, the world’s first ever currency, has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Throughout history, it has served as a reliable way to measure, exchange and demonstrate wealth, but why? Why is it that gold, above all other elements, was chosen to be used as currency? In this article, we’ll be exploring the answer to that question and looking a bit deeper into the uses for gold and whether gold still serves as a strong investment option in the modern investment portfolio.
Over the years there have been numerous coins that have sold at auction for a pretty penny. Whether it’s the rarity, age or even both, collectors are clearly willing to pay a high price for these sought-after coins. Read on as we take a look at some of the rarest and expensive that have been sold at auction.
Gold standard is defined as a monetary system where a country’s paper money and currency value has a direct link to the value of gold. The gold standard system saw countries agree to convert paper money into a fixed value of gold. For countries that use the gold standard, a fixed price for gold is established, and it is then traded, bought and sold at that value.
Determining what type of bullion to invest in between gold bars or coins can be slightly difficult. Find out the pros and cons of both in this article.
While it’s probably best to store your gold at a bank in a safe deposit box, there are also alternative methods to store and hide gold at home. Find out some popular ways in this article.
This week, we're focusing on two internal factors currently affecting precious metals sentiment. Firstly, what really matters – you (your gut, your decisions, your investments). And secondly, the actual qualities and inherent issues (fundamentals) within the Gold and Silver markets itself, regardless of what the world is up to.
This week's article looks at 8 top things affecting gold and silver prices right now including; geo-political events, price patterns, interest rates, central bank commentary and other commodity fundamentals.
Let's shine the spotlight on gold’s little sister. There have been lots happening with silver lately. We take a look at a couple of sources and present research to show investors some common patterns to look out for.
With the current state of Brexit and the US economy, some economic conditions are heavily influencing the prices of precious metals, presenting a golden opportunity for precious metal investors. This week's guest article explores the topic of Brexit in more detail and demonstrates how to sieze this investment opportunity.