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“You hear that Mr Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.” It’s the perfect quote for this week's article. Here are the top reasons why our current financial system is bound to fail.
The metal in question this week is Rhodium, the rarest of the PGMs. Here are some very interesting facts about this precious metal.
We hope you, your family and loved ones have enjoyed the Passover, Easter or long holiday Bank Holiday weekend, whichever you celebrate the most. This week, I’d like to have another quick look at the Gold news, as to do otherwise would be to ignore the exciting shifts that have occurred in the Gold price recently.
We take a look at this month's gold and silver news - A recent rise in the strength of the dollar, falling prices in the London property market and a brief look at market manipulation. Learn more in this monthly roundup article.
Bleyer is often approached by potential clients who have come into some money, usually through bereavement or a financial settlement of some kind. A common question on such a client’s mind is ‘Where do I invest this money? I don’t need it yet for any particular reason for a number of years, so I’ve been thinking of Gold but also Property.’ What are the benefits of these two investments and which could be more profitable? Learn more in this week's article.
Due to the update two weeks ago on the mini stock market correction, today’s Monthly Review is going to specifically focus on Silver rather than Gold. In particular, this month’s update is going to hone in on a rare phenomenon which has only happened for a few days in 2003, 2008, 2016 and now. Learn more in this week's article.
It cannot have escaped our reader’s notice that there was a newsworthy Stock Market crash last week so let's address the elephant in the financial room. What’s going on? Learn more in this week's article.
It’s been a few months since I have come across such an abundance chorus of voices this week talking about how Gold is set for a break out. Here's what happened this January.
This week, we’re going to take a brief look at what the market commentators are expecting from Platinum and Palladium in 2018. Learn more in our latest article!
As life returns to the wonderful normality of routine, it's definitively worth reminding ourselves that not all may occur in a routine fashion this coming year. Here's an international look at what events will affect the price of Gold in 2018.