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Gold, Silver and the Stock Market Crash
It cannot have escaped our reader’s notice that last week there was a newsworthy Stock Market crash last week so let's address the elephant in the financial room. What’s going on? Learn more in this week's article.
Monthly roundup - Key Gold & Silver stories from January 2018
It’s been a few months since I have come across such an abundance chorus of voices this week talking about how Gold is set for a break out. Here's what happened this January.
A Brief Look Forward at Platinum and Palladium in 2018
This week, we’re going to take a brief look at what the market commentators are expecting from Platinum and Palladium in 2018. Learn more in our latest article!
An International Look At What Events Will Affect the Price of Gold in 2018
As life returns to the wonderful normality of routine, it's definitively worth reminding ourselves that not all may occur in a routine fashion this coming year. Here's an international look at what events will affect the price of Gold in 2018.
A Quick Look Back at Gold in 2017
Strangely, when asking others what the gold price did in 2017, most have said it went down. Actually it went up, only a little but it ended the year better than where it started. Here's a quick look at how the Gold price moved in 2017.
Bullion for a quick buck or long-term security?
This week's article will explore whether, as an investor, it is time to start banking some of your Bitcoin gains in Physical Bullion.
Monthly roundup - Key Gold & Silver stories from November 2017
Let’s turn our attention to 2 key developments which will affect the price of Gold and Silver, both in the near and far future - The Brexit Bill Deal & the End of Banking Deposits Protection. Here's what happened this November.
Using Gold and Silver to Save for your Child’s First Car
Oh, the endless joys, frustrations and the sheer cost of raising children. Apart from the initial preparation for a baby, it’s fair to say the most expensive years are the teenage ones. But can Gold and Silver help with such expenses, for either our children or grandchildren? Learn more in this week's article.
Monthly roundup - Key Gold & Silver stories from October 2017
Within this month’s round-up we’re going to look at 3 key events that had an impact on Precious Metal prices in October.
5 Interesting Facts about Investing in Silver
Bleyer has regularly focussed on writing about the characteristics and advantages of investing in Silver over the years. But it is particularly timely now. Here are some interesting reasons why.