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This week Bleyer Bullion presents a unique insight into a Teenage Investor in Precious Metals. His grasp of what's going on in the markets and politically may surprise you.
Bleyer Bullion have produced a set of informative articles, exploring investment fundamentals of precious metal ownership. We'll be producing individual reports and news articles on each of the metals over the coming weeks as follow-up.
This article from The Times is not very new for us here at Bleyer but it's definitely confirmation of what we have been writing about for years. A very interesting read.
Bleyer Bullion, based in Devon and operating nationwide, has seen a 29% sales increase in Physical Gold and Silver in the last 12 months and a 60% increase in clients paying for storage. So why are so many people buying Gold and Silver bullion bars and coins?
A guide to legally avoiding tax using fine gold and UK legal tender gold coins.
Looking at gold gains in 2011, is now the right time to buy?
So what was Libya all about? Some say that it was about oppression, some say it was about Gaddafi being a bad lad and others say it was just the Western powers sticking their noses in where it wasn’t needed.
Invest in beer, or you could try something else! If you had purchased £1000 worth of gold last year, you'd now have...
What is a run on the banks, how can you protect yourself by owning precious metals?
Read our beginner's guide on how to start collecting physical gold and silver bullion.