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We're very pleased to announce that The Perth Mint's new 2018 'Iron Man' Marvel Series Coin is now available to order through Bleyer's website in 1oz Silver. Please allow us to introduce you to - the 4th addition to Tuvalu's Marvel series - Iron Man.
This week’s article takes a look at a more light-hearted topic. Let’s all become teenagers for a few minutes and consider that excellent question of 'how much really would the gold from The Italian Job heist really be worth today'?
We often buy coins from customers and sometimes pick up some very interesting and rare pieces. Many of these coins mark important historical events, often significant to our country and the monarchy. Here are the benefits of owning proof coins.
We're very pleased to announce that the Royal Mint's new 2018 Queen's Beast Black Bull coins are now available to order through Bleyer's website in 2oz Silver and 1oz Gold. Please allow us to introduce you to - the 5th addition to The Royal Mint's The Queen's Beast series - The Black Bull of Clarence.
We're very pleased to announce a new addition to our website - The 2018 Oriental Border Britannia Coin is available in both 1oz gold and 1oz silver. Learn more about it's design and background in this article.
Gold doesn’t tarnish but can get a bit mucky over the years if circulated, but silver is a different matter. This precious metal is renowned for tarnishing. There are several steps we can take to keep our Silver coins and bars in tip-top condition, here are our top tips.
We're pleased to announce that the 2018 Silver and Gold Chinese Panda Coins from The China Gold Coin Corporation are now available for order through the Bleyer website. They come in 30g Silver, or 1g, 3g, 8g, 15g, 30g Gold. Learn more in this article.
Rare gold just sold for 20 times its normal value - because it is Welsh. Source: Wales Online
Today, we call bank notes ‘money’ and Gold and Silver ‘assets.’ But a paper banknote is not actually money at all – it is a currency. Real money is actually Gold (and Silver), not what we consider to be money today. In this blog, we explore the origins of money and why precious metals play such a crucial role in today's financial conditions.
Scientists have detected the collision of two neutron stars for the first time in history, yielding new insights into physics, the structure of the universe, and the origin of elements such as gold and platinum. Source: CNBC