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Blog posts of '2018' 'March'

We take a look at this month's gold and silver news - A recent rise in the strength of the dollar, falling prices in the London property market and a brief look at market manipulation. Learn more in this monthly roundup article.
Bleyer is often approached by potential clients who have come into some money, usually through bereavement or a financial settlement of some kind. A common question on such a client’s mind is ‘Where do I invest this money? I don’t need it yet for any particular reason for a number of years, so I’ve been thinking of Gold but also Property.’ What are the benefits of these two investments and which could be more profitable? Learn more in this week's article.
We're very pleased to announce that the Royal Mint's new 2018 Queen's Beast Black Bull coins are now available to order through Bleyer's website in 2oz Silver and 1oz Gold. Please allow us to introduce you to - the 5th addition to The Royal Mint's The Queen's Beast series - The Black Bull of Clarence.
As private investors and people who like to make their money go further, we may have come to a decision that we would like to own some Gold and Silver. Learn more about the different ways of owning these metals – most notably in an EFT (exchange-traded fund) or Physical Metal (coins and bars).
Gold and silver is as much of a commodity as corn. If these are tangible substances, unlike stocks and shares, why does the price fluctuate quite so much as they do? In answering this question we need to further understand the forces affecting the possible price changes in precious metals. Learn more in this week's article.