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Blog posts of '2017' 'August'

August has seen the price of Gold rise by a massive 6.6% or £64.10 per ounce, while the price increase in Silver outpaced Gold at a whopping 10.73%. Here are some other events that had an impact on Precious Metal prices in August.
So, this blog is not about avoiding Tax but using the normal legal paths that exist in Gold and Silver investing to pay only when we need to, not unnecessarily, when we don’t. This information may help inform Bleyer’s customers on one product choice over another.
Because Gold has risen in price by 24.62% in the last 3 years, it is illogical to assume that investing in Gold hasn’t been successful for many young people. This week, we take a look at some success stories of young people investing in precious metals.
It is traditional to give something made from Silver for a Christening. This evolved from Victorian times but not many people seem to know why. Learn more and get inspired with our Baby Naming Ceremony Gift Guide.