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Blog posts of '2017' 'July'

This monthly update focuses on a subject which is critical and yet impossible to time as an exact science – the coming property market price correction. Here are some factors that had an impact on Precious Metal prices in July.
Have you ever thought of rewarding your employees with Gold and Silver products? A bonus can be given in Gold and Silver coins and bars, defined in the HMRC Manual on Bonuses of a “readily convertible asset”. Learn more and get inspired with our Corporate Gift Guide.
As a customer and as a person, I don’t want to feel used. I want to be given value for what I pay for; in the product, respect, and service. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service above and beyond what is expected of us. Learn more about why we value customer satisfaction in our blog.
Financial Planning for the Inevitable: “Nothing is certain but Death and Taxes” – commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the famous quote was actually written by author Daniel Defoe 63 years previous to the famous U.S. president. Learn more about who you should tell about your precious metal investments in our blog.