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Blog posts of '2017' 'March'

This week’s blog will once again focus beneath the daily news headlines to the background hum to give a Monthly Update on three key pieces of Gold and Silver news.
The Canadian coin, nicknamed the "big maple leaf", has a face value of $1m - but because it is 100kg (220lb) of pure 24-carat gold, its value is much higher at today's price for gold bullion. Source: BBC News
The tetradrachm design (paired with an image of Athena on the obverse) came to signify the powerful city-state in ancient Greece, and was one of the most influential coins in the world. These coins are now available from our website.
Currency is something that promises – as long as everyone agrees – that we’ll use this ticket as a promise of exchange for usually a lot more than it’s actually worth. With the introduction of the new pound coin, we take a look at the precious metal value in these coins.
China is developing a manned submersible capable of reaching the deepest known points in the world’s oceans in search of precious metals. Source: Hindustan Times
If the Gold market was a truly free and logical market, there would be a strong and consistent correlation between geo-political events and the rise and fall of the Gold price.
A rare gold coin dating back to the 15th century and worth £15,000 ($18,000) has been unearthed by an amateur treasure hunter – who thought it was a bottle top. Source: An F1 Blog
The Welsh dragon is to feature on the new gold and silver bullion coins from The Royal Mint. It's part of the Royal Mint's 'Queen's Beasts' series, which celebrates ten creatures from centuries of royal heraldry and is now available for purchase on our website.
Do the recent headlines either distract us from the underlying direction of Gold and Silver or do they help us? Here are three recent headlines that had an impact on Precious Metal prices in February.
A pair of amateur metal detectorists uncovered a spectacular collection of jewellery which is thought to be the oldest Iron Age gold hoard ever discovered in Britain. Source: ITV News