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Blog posts of '2017' 'November'

Let’s turn our attention to 2 key developments which will affect the price of Gold and Silver, both in the near and far future - The Brexit Bill Deal & the End of Banking Deposits Protection. Here's what happened this November.
Rare gold just sold for 20 times its normal value - because it is Welsh.
Oh, the endless joys, frustrations and the sheer cost of raising children. Apart from the initial preparation for a baby, it’s fair to say the most expensive years are the teenage ones. But can Gold and Silver help with such expenses, for either our children or grandchildren? Learn more in this week's article.
Within the financial articles which appear day after day there are often terms we hear so often we don’t quite understand what they mean. This week, we're going to briefly explore what is meant by Dollar Strength – together with its inverse Dollar Weakness, and most importantly for Bleyer’s clients, how this relates to the price of Gold.
Today, we call bank notes ‘money’ and Gold and Silver ‘assets.’ But a paper banknote is not actually money at all – it is a currency. Real money is actually Gold (and Silver), not what we consider to be money today. In this blog, we explore the origins of money and why precious metals play such a crucial role in today's financial conditions.