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Blog posts of '2016' 'September'

This week, we'll take a look at how these most well known of the precious metals are sitting in the global economy, through updates on the latest developments.
Let's focus on the benefits of owning Physical Gold and Silver, their beauty and their appeal, both as gifts for family and as TAX efficient methods of saving both Capital Gains Tax and Value Added Tax on some pieces.
Recently, we've been looking East to China and South to Europe. So it feels time to look West to the United States. I tripped over a disquieting article this week, which honed a focus back onto our friends across the pond. Like an, at times, unwanted chaperon, it is hard to escape their economic influence even if, historically, we have sporadically been grateful for their global oversight.
So, it really is a wake up call to read an article entitled "Gold Demand Hits Four Year High" in yesterday's Telegraph because when Gold and Silver facts get into the main broadsheet money sections, you know the real iceberg is a whole lot bigger under the surface.