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Blog posts of '2016' 'July'

In geographical terms, we understand that the tide pulling out is the signal to run fast in the opposite direction. In monetary terms, deflation is the signal to clear your debts, as fast as possible. There are several ways to do this. We discuss this in this week's article.
A known skeptic, Willem Buiter, went on record this week to admit a turn-around from his previous position that; "he "would hold gold" due to the global tidal wave of negative interest rates.
Another incredibly busy week. The focus of attention has switched to Italy’s banking sector, which has accumulated €360 billion in bad loans, and growing. Savings held in UK bank accounts might not be as safe as we thought. How safe are your savings really?
Excitement would be an understatement. Gold was acting sluggish at the time, but then caught some fire, as silver finally did briefly following that gold post Brexit run, by rising to $1356. Both precious metals corrected, giving up most of their gains, but then began to move right back up again as the trading hours in London progressed.