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Blog posts of '2016' 'June'

True to form, Gold and Silver act as a safe haven in times of transition. Gold is up 14.73% over the last week, or £126.84 an ounce while Silver is up 16.05% or £1.89 an ounce. I expect the price of Gold and Silver to remain buoyed now for some time. That is not investment advice but just an opinion.
How has Gold reacted to international events, hidden firmly behind the curtain of intense EU media narrative? Gold has had a colourful week. The week's low was £869.76 and its high so far has been £938.60. That's some movement. It's currently sitting at £871.84 which is a pull back and what many consider a "buying opportunity."
After several weeks of rising prices, Gold consolidated and the price dipped to £821.76, its lowest in a year. Rather than see this as bad news, we believed it was good news - a chance to get back into the market, to keep buying and in the process to lower one's average cost per ounce in a growing pot of personal gold.
This week some very notable statements have affected the rise in the gold price. So, why did the Gold price jump back up this week? Facts always speak for themselves.
I hope many of our readers managed to grab the fantastic buying opportunity afforded by the dips in the gold price this last week. The price per ounce dipped from £893 to £823 and is now on the rise again at £840. If you missed it don't worry. I suspect the price will bounce a little and the price today is still sitting at what is, in effect, a 5% discount on the prices last month.