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Blog posts of '2016' 'May'

When I read of the news that the interest rate in the U.S. might go up soon and so the price of gold has gone down this last week, I think of sheep. Money-sheep. Because nothing has really changed. The U.S. Debt ratio to GDP is still monstrously the same. Russia is still humming around Syria. Turkey still doesn't like Russia and vice versa.
This week China bought a $90 billion Gold vault in London from Barclays Bank! This is a huge marker and sign of both the manoeuvres of China into the London Bullion Market arena - specifically Physical - and a sign of the decreasing health of British banks.
In 2013 I joined a team from Bleyer at the London Property Show. There, we gave seminars, discussing the investment advantages of selling property at their peek prices and moving into precious metals while their prices were consolidating.
Some mornings, the headlines are just a little crazy and it takes a while for the real news to sink through. This morning, on one side of the pond there is the real possibility that a celebrity money-man could become the next President of the western world!