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Blog posts of '2016' 'March'

Today we're going to focus on a subject that could make many of us uncomfortable, because it is - quite literally - so close to home. From this Friday (1st April 2016), new rules come into effect regarding buy-to-let investments, which many argue will put increasing pressure on the property market.
The reality is that, despite the dismissiveness towards Cameron’s modest plan, the EU is in desperate trouble. The creators of the European Union promised to bring peace and prosperity. But the Europe project is bankrupt.
News about Gold and our distant cousin Canada caught my eye this week, along with a few other Gold and Silver commentators. The first gold backed currency and do you own more gold than the Canadian Governement?!
For years we, at Bleyer, have been saying to our readers and clients that the price of Gold and Silver is fixed to the price of paper certificates in those metals. The physical price of the bar and coin is not, currently, fixed to the actual demand for the Physical metal. A strange anomaly is something so central to the history of economics as Physical Gold and Silver bars and coins.
Last week, I took a sweeping view of the global economic factors affecting the demand for Physical Gold and Silver investment. Today, I'd like to look very closely at just one section of the canvas as it were.