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Blog posts of '2016' 'February'

All of the pieces are coming together, gold and silver prices are rising. Markets have been in turmoil in 2016 and it's hard to work out if a fresh crisis is coming. Here are some things to keep an eye on.
Pensions and other instruments that have been created by the government to encourage people to save and invest for the future tend to dogged by bureaucracy and are not as cost-free as we think they should be. Nevertheless the tax benefits available mean that they should not be simply overlooked for that reason alone.
If we look carefully, there are so many clues as to what's coming, the more important question is not the wistful, hypothetical, "What would I do if an economic crash happened" but, "How am I, and my family, preparing for the absolute inevitable?" I believe it really is time to shift gears in that mental preparation, face the facts and take actual steps to protect ourselves.
Firstly, if that sounds crazy, that is because it is. But what may surprise you is how quietly widespread this sign of economic desperation really is. Secondly, negative interest rates make investing in Physical Gold and Silver even more logical and attractive than just last week!