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A big thank you to one of our readers and clients for bringing to our attention some very interesting facts about Muslim Finance. By the end of 2016, 1.6 billion people will likely have a new gold investment standard for the first time in modern history. These 1.6 billion people are the Muslims of the world who constitute nearly 25% of the 6.9 billion people on the planet. What affect will this have on Gold? Learn more in our article.
A Frenchman who inherited a house from a dead relative has discovered a glittering treasure trove of gold coins and bars worth millions. Source: The Guardian
As discussed last week, there's been some financial jiggery-pokery this month that's for sure. And it continues. Hidden in the slipstream of the elite-to-reality jolt of the American election results, something quite remarkable happened in one of the biggest Gold markets in the world.
There is nothing normal about this week's gold price. Down 6.12% or £64.08 per ounce. Which means it might be a good time to buy. The month's high was £1065.83. The month's low was £966.90 and it's now sitting just above that at £983.78.
It is precisely this perceived and mirrored, sporadic failure of impartiality in both the media and American judiciary - and the heavily out of touch showbusiness elite - that is ironically one of the key sources of petrol behind such a win for a non-establishment figure such as Trump.
This is highly likely to be a big week for the markets and Gold. Why? Because we are now into the week of the U.S. Presidential Election. Next Tuesday 8th is Election Day but the results will probably not be announced until the early hours of Wednesday. This is the last chance to fully examine what this monumental event might mean for financial markets.