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Blog posts of '2016' 'October'

What a week it has been for Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver continue their steady rise this week. Gold moved above the previous high bar for 2016 of £1050, with which it first flirted back in the summer. Silver added another 1.29% to its already 40% price move upwards from the beginning of the year. These are excellent figures for our private investors in Gold and Silver bars and coins.
If central banks have lost the plot, how deep have they lost it? I'm pretty sure many of you noticed this piece of staggering information; earlier this month the I.M.F. released a current figure of total world debt. Now, I have come to the point where I take some of the financial opinions of the I.M.F. with a pinch of salt.
Yesterday I received a flyer through my door from a man walking up the road where I live. The flyer said; "WANTED FOR CASH - GOLD AND SILVER: Top London Cash Prices Paid." This is why you should always use an established Bullion Dealer.
It's been an interesting week in regard to the Gold Price. This wasn't normal price behaviour. If one just looked at the overall price move the weekly change is just 0.09% from where the price per ounce stood a week ago today. But, between those two (almost) identical peaks is the gargantuan trough of a weekly high of £1045.40 to a weekly low of £913.92.
All this turmoil in the paper markets means a great deal is happening regarding Gold and Silver at present. nothing can compare to buying your own Physical Gold and Silver. Bleyer deal in Physical Gold and Silver bullion bars and coins, not ETF's. Here's why.