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Blog posts of '2015' 'September'

A brief overview of the facts of the current state of the economy and an exploration on how the stock market interacts with Gold and Silver prices.
An exploration of Henry Hewitt's quote in its original context, and an exploration on the currency war of fiat currencies and the only safe place, economically speaking, to run.
Gold and Silver are often equated with anniversaries but the current fortnight has, an usually high number of anniversaries; some tragic, some celebratory, and all thought-provoking. Many are financial and economic, some are also historical, whilst others are cyclical.
This week, we thought we'd explore the question of how interest rates affect the price of Gold (and Silver) in greater depth.
Have you ever wondered from where the phrase "pound sterling" originates? Today we are going to focus the spotlight on Silver, Gold's humble sister.