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Bleyer Bullion, based in Devon and operating nationwide, has seen a 29% sales increase in Physical Gold and Silver in the last 12 months and a 60% increase in clients paying for storage. So why are so many people buying Gold and Silver bullion bars and coins?
Selling silver cheap right now would be a silly thing to do, here's the latest from MoneyWeek.
A guide to legally avoiding tax using fine gold and UK legal tender gold coins.
Looking at gold gains in 2011, is now the right time to buy?
So what was Libya all about? Some say that it was about oppression, some say it was about Gaddafi being a bad lad and others say it was just the Western powers sticking their noses in where it wasn’t needed.
Invest in beer, or you could try something else! If you had purchased £1000 worth of gold last year, you'd now have...
This week, we take a look at UK national debt.