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Britannia has long been a symbol of national pride. This classic design is instantly recognised across the world as a timeless image of strength and grace. In this article, we look at the history of this iconic coin.
Interest rates play a part in all of our lives, whether we like it or not. But what are interest rates and why do they rise and fall? This week's article explores this principle in more detail. We look at the main factors affecting interest rate rises and the implications of this on precious metal prices.
The iconic Saint George returns to slay his dragon on another remarkable bullion coin. We're very excited to announce The Royal Mint's NEW 10oz silver 'Valiant' coin. Read more about this bullion coin design in this article.
This week, we're focusing on two internal factors currently affecting precious metals sentiment. Firstly, what really matters – you (your gut, your decisions, your investments). And secondly, the actual qualities and inherent issues (fundamentals) within the Gold and Silver markets itself, regardless of what the world is up to.
This week's article looks at 8 top things affecting gold and silver prices right now including; geo-political events, price patterns, interest rates, central bank commentary and other commodity fundamentals.
In this article, we'll be looking at the term ‘spot price’; what this is, why investors use these to secure purchases of commodities and contracts, and how this relates specifically to precious metals.
Let's shine the spotlight on gold’s little sister. There have been lots happening with silver lately. We take a look at a couple of sources and present research to show investors some common patterns to look out for.
The South African Mint's legendary Krugerrand is back with a new silver edition! We're very pleased to announce - The NEW 2018 Krugerrand Coin, available in 1oz Silver. Read more about this bullion coin design in this article.
We'll be looking at 'fundamentals' and why investors use these to predict future prices in markets. It's important to understand a fundamental is, the main differences between 'internal' and 'external' fundamentals, and how to use this information to better aid your investment decision-making process.
With the current state of Brexit and the US economy, some economic conditions are heavily influencing the prices of precious metals, presenting a golden opportunity for precious metal investors. This week's guest article explores the topic of Brexit in more detail and demonstrates how to sieze this investment opportunity.