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We're very pleased to announce a new addition to our website - The 2018 Oriental Border Britannia Coin is available in both 1oz gold and 1oz silver. Learn more about it's design and background in this article.
It cannot have escaped our reader’s notice that last week there was a newsworthy Stock Market crash last week so let's address the elephant in the financial room. What’s going on? Learn more in this week's article.
A heartfelt thank you to all our clients and readership; to our delighted surprise, Bleyer are through to the final five against some huge players in the bullion industry for Bullion Directory's 2018 Bullion Dealer of the Year Awards! Read about why we feel we should win in this week's article.
It’s been a few months since I have come across such an abundance chorus of voices this week talking about how Gold is set for a break out. Here's what happened this January.
The importance of understanding assets and liabilities comes apparent when it is understood that most people suffer financially because they simply don’t have any assets, have too many liabilities and confusing the two. But what do they really mean? And more importantly – are you able to identify which is which in your own lives?
This week, we’re going to take a brief look at what the market commentators are expecting from Platinum and Palladium in 2018. Learn more in our latest article!
As life returns to the wonderful normality of routine, it's definitively worth reminding ourselves that not all may occur in a routine fashion this coming year. Here's an international look at what events will affect the price of Gold in 2018.
Strangely, when asking others what the gold price did in 2017, most have said it went down. Actually it went up, only a little but it ended the year better than where it started. Here's a quick look at how the Gold price moved in 2017.
Gold doesn’t tarnish but can get a bit mucky over the years if circulated, but silver is a different matter. This precious metal is renowned for tarnishing. There are several steps we can take to keep our Silver coins and bars in tip-top condition, here are our top tips.
We're pleased to announce that the 2018 Silver and Gold Chinese Panda Coins from The China Gold Coin Corporation are now available for order through the Bleyer website. They come in 30g Silver, or 1g, 3g, 8g, 15g, 30g Gold. Learn more in this article.