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Austrian Gold Coins

Austrian Gold Coins are offered here in the form of Schillings, Ducats, Kronens and Philharmonics.

Austrian Schillings were first minted in 1976 in celebration of 1000 years since the dynasty of the Babenberg family. The design on the obverse face is credited to Martha Coufal-Hartl, and consists of an Eagle the national emblem of Austria carrying a broken chain reflecting the freedom of the peasants and working classes. The reverse of the coin depicts a knight on horse back which was the seal of the Duke Friedrich ll and the inscription 'Einsetzung der Babenberg 976-1976

The elegant Vienna Philharmonic 999.9 gold bullion coins were introduced in 1989.  They are the only widely available European gold bullion coins and the only regularly issued gold bullion coins denominated in Euros. On the obverse are designed a set of musical instruments (string bass, cellos, violins, a bassoon, harp and Viennese horn) that symbolize the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. These instruments are accompanied by the text “Wiener Philharmoniker” which means "Vienna Philharmonics", written in an arc across the top. The obverse is representative for Austria’s rich musical heritage.

The Gold Philharmonic coin is minted every year in four different face values, sizes, and weights, the 999.9% purity remains the same for each of them. The different sizes available are 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10th oz.

Bleyer also offer gold Ducats which are struck from 23 ¾ carat gold and offered in two sizes. Investors value Ducats for their Gold bullion content and collectors treasure their classic design. On the obverse of these coins is the former ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the majestic Franz Joseph I. On the reverse, the former coat of arms of the Austrian Empire.

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