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Welcome to Bleyer Bullion

Based in beautiful North Devon, Bleyer is the first choice for investors seeking a personal service in the South West of England. Established in 2009, Bleyer continues to provide the most thorough investment service for precious metals available in the UK. By our commitment to transparency, education and unbiased information we aim to give any British Citizen the opportunity to safeguard, accumulate and manage their wealth using gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium bullion. 


"As market experts we personally invest alongside you and between us have holdings in a range of physical precious metals. We will be happy to chat with you and share our insights if you choose to invest with us." 

Caroline Savage, CEO. 


Here at Bleyer Bullion we believe in good old fashioned values such as integrity, honesty and responsibility. Clients of Bleyer truly receive service above and beyond that of our competitors. 

If you have any further questions please do contact us, we are available during office hours to benefit our clients and can by arrangement speak to you or meet you at other times as well. You may do this via phone, email or via our live chat service. We encourage you to link with us on our social medias and blog site, sign up for our email newsletter. We guarantee that even the most experienced investor will benefit from the information we share on our networks daily. 

To find out more about how and why we established Bleyer please click HERE.


Our Valued Partners 

We are proud to work with many of the world's leading and most influential refiners, manufacturers, financial service providers and their wide selections of quality products to bring you the ultimate personalised investment service. 



  • We provide access to physical precious metal products including gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium bars & coins. 
  • Bleyer operates out of our Devon office, you may use our service by arranging to visit us in person, using our website or by giving us a call. 

  • We know that in the future you might like to sell so we guarantee to buy your metal from you when you are ready to sell. We offer highly competitive buy back rates usually around 98% of the current spot price for our customers.  

  • We provide access to reputable, up to date information through our newsletter, web blog and news articles. 

  • We can store your metal in one of our secure, fully insured bullion vaults. 

  • Bleyer offers wealth consultancy services and can advise you on the best way to start saving and help with gold pensions 

  • Fully insured delivery or secure storage 

  • Owning Gold as part of your pension (S.I.P.P.) 


New Buyers 

Bleyer offers a range of informational services to help new investors get started. We keep up to date blogs, so follow the news on our website and social media accounts.  We highly recommend that you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, linked in and google + to get the latest information on the market. 

We know that it can be a little confusing to new buyers on which product is best suited to them, for example have you thought about your exit strategy? Will you want to sell it all in one big lump or would you like to have the option of selling a bit at a time. We would love to give you some pointers and tips so please give us a call on 01769 618618 or perhaps you might like to read one of our introductory articles HERE. 


Local Investors 

Bleyer is the first choice bullion merchant for the South West, if you are looking to invest in bullion and are from Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Avon, Wiltshire, Cornwall, Hampshire you might like to deal with us in person. Please give us a call to have a chat or book an appointment at our office. Please click HERE to find out more about the services we provide locally.



Like every established company we have a fascinating story to tell, if you would like to find out more about how Bleyer became the leading bullion investment service in the south west then please click HERE.