The NEW 10oz Queen's Beast Coin

The Royal Mint’s 10oz White Greyhound of Richmond Coin

Available for order now with immediate dispatch in 10oz Silver.

The 2022 Britannia Coin

The Royal Mint’s Britannia Coin Returns

Available for order with immediate dispatch in 1oz Silver and available for pre-order in 1oz Gold.

2021 Icons of Inspiration Silver Coin

The New Zealand Mint’s 1oz Galileo Silver Coin

Available for order now with immediate dispatch in 1oz Silver.

The Robin Hood Series

The Royal Mint’s collection continues with Maid Marian

Available for order now with immediate dispatch in 1oz Gold and 1oz Silver.

New US Eagle Design

The United States Mint reveals a new Eagle Coin design

Available for order now with immediate dispatch in 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz Gold.

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NEW The New Zealand Mint’s 2021 1oz Silver Galileo Coin

We are super excited to announce that the 2021 1oz Silver NIUE Icons Of Inspiration Galileo Coin has landed at Bleyer. Read more about Galileo, his discoveries and the coin design.

Hospitality Sector Warns of Rise in Food and Drink Prices

The rise of food and drink prices have been described as “terrifying” by Food and Drink Federation Chief Executive. The inflation within the UK economy is to blame. Learn more about how this affected Silver and Gold prices.

Protecting Your Coins With Coin Capsules

Protecting your bullion is vital to prevent premature tarnishing. Learn more about how coin capsules can preserve the appearance and shine of your bullion.

NEW The Royal Mint’s 2022 10oz Silver White Greyhound of Richmond Coin

We are super excited to announce the 2022 10oz Silver White Greyhound Of Richmond Coin. Learn more about this magnificent new coin design and the history of the White Greyhound of Richmond.

UK Expected To Face Christmas Shortages

Shop owners in the UK have been warning customers that there could be a shortage on toys and food this Christmas. Learn more about how this affected Silver and Gold prices.

The Origins of Silver Stacking

The term silver stacking is used a lot within precious metals investment … but where has it come from? Learn more about silver stacking and the origins surrounding the stacking of silver.

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1oz Gold Britannia 300x300V2

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