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5g Gold Bars

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Five Gram Gold Bars

All of our 5 gram minted gold bullion bars are produced from 999.9 fine gold, our prices are inclusive of insured delivery to a UK address. Bars of this size are often chosen by investors to start their collection or selected as gifts.

If you are looking for bars with serial numbers then go for Heraeus since even their 1g bars are individually numbered.  The Heraeus Kinebar, for a slight premium, comes printed with a holographic Kinegram for extra security.  The LBMA approved bars available are HeraeusPerth Mint and Umicore.  Our most popular bars are produced by Baird & Co who are a long established UK refiner.

Tip: In this price range have you also considered UK Sovereigns? These coins are legal tender and benefit from being Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free. UK coins are generally favoured by those seeking products of liquidity and those wishing to protect their savings from tax penalties when they come to sell. Our coins are extremely competitively priced and do not cost much more than a bar of the same weight.

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