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Introducing the highly anticipated release of the 2024 Royal Arms Coins.

For centuries, the Royal Arms have stood as an emblem of Britain’s unwavering power, timeless tradition, and rich heritage.

Learn more about these meticulously crafted coins and their historical significance in this article.

2024 royal armsThe 2024 Royal Arms Coin Design

The reverse side showcases the stunning Royal Arms. This iconic emblem features a shield supported by a regal lion and a majestic unicorn.

The shield is beautifully decorated with symbols representing the countries of the United Kingdom: the three lions of England, the lion rampant of Scotland, the harp of Ireland, and the dragon of Wales. Surrounding the shield is the Order of the Garter, the United Kingdom’s most senior order of knighthood.

On the obverse features Martin Jennings’ effigy of King Charles III, signifying the coin’s status as legal tender (capital gains tax exempt) in the UK.


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The History of The Royal Arms

The Royal Arms has a fascinating history that goes back to medieval times. Initially, it was a simple shield with three lions representing England. As England’s influence expanded, the shield evolved to include symbols from Wales and Scotland.

It became a prominent symbol of the monarchy’s authority and the country’s unity. It featured in royal palaces, official documents, and ceremonial regalia. The coins with the Royal Arms represented these historical and symbolic connections tangibly.

These coins were crucial in commemorating significant events in British history. They were used to celebrate royal weddings, jubilees, and other important occasions, becoming lasting reminders of national pride and identity.


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